Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blastoise Naming Survey

I'm trying something new here. A survey to name my newest battle ready pokemon: Blastoise!
Blastoise has always been one of my favourite pokemon. It was my starter back in the day when I was playing Pokemon Blue Version and has always had a place in my heart ever since.

I was recently interviewed about the game League of Legends (I hope to share that interview here once it is made public) and one of the topics we touched on was my choice of characters. During the interview I realized that I enjoy playing characters that I identify with, or would theoretically look up to. In this case I was thinking of the character Braum, a manly man who loves to get in the way and protect his allies.

After this I noticed that I did this in almost every single game I played! I love playing as, or making use of the biggest, toughest, manliest characters around! Which brings us back to Blastoise. Blastoise with it's tough shell armour and double cannon arsenal is exactly what I love in a character.

The only problem is… I have no idea what to nickname it!

Please do me a favour and click this link to visit a survey I've posted with a few suggested names. Or feel free to suggest your own!

Thanks for all your help!
Stay awesome guys!