Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 quick and easy V-Day ideas

Anyone can buy a rose, or get a box of chocolates but if you really want to surprise your lady this Valentines then check out my list of quick and easy V-Day ideas!


Buying a card can be a nice idea to show people you're thinking about them but why not go the extra mile and make your own? You could draw a cute or silly picture on the front write something sweet inside and bam. She will be impressed that you went the extra mile and made something from scratch.

2.Breakfast in bed

A tried and true classic for a reason. Just get up before your lady and head to the kitchen to whip something up. Fry some bacon, scramble some eggs, or even just make a bowl of cereal. Remember, it's the thought that counts!
(Bonus points if you can keep the kitchen quiet so she doesn't realize
until you wake her)

3.Write something

Is she really into books? Write her a quick story! If you're not the creative type then do something simple like summarize your first date. Any woman would love the idea of seeing the story from your perspective. Throw in what you were thinking, were you super shy? Did she make you nervous? Do
you still remember what she wore? Above all be personal!

4.Draw something

If you're the artistic type then try to draw her something. A nice valentines themed cartoon or something you can add a funny or cute subtitle to. If your skills fall more into the photo editing category then find a photo you both like and do a little edit. Maybe make the photo aged to look
like you were in the fifties. Be creative!

5.Spa night

Probably the best you can do for a girl who likes to stay home is to plan a spa night. Find her favourite girly movie, buy some cheap face masks and have fun with it! You can even use the masks with her for an extra laugh. Paint her toenails (even if you're horrible at it) and complain constantly about the movie that deep down you know you like.

In the end all you really need to do is try. People love gifts but people love gifts more when they`re unique or you`ve put a bit of thought into them!

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