Monday, September 28, 2015

Breakup Wharf

While I was in college I loved exploring, and since my college was in a beautiful coastal area I loved visiting the water and going for walks. One spot in particular was gorgeous. A twenty minute walk along the water, and a quick jog over some locks would lead you to long beautiful wharf that was far enough away from the shore to be quiet while pointing right into the setting sun for a great view. I would even drop by on occasion when I wanted a change in scenery or some time to think.

Fast forward five years and I'm dating a girl and want to take her out on a nice romantic little walk. What could be more romantic than a nice sunset stroll by the water? I refuse to tell her where we're going, insisting that it must be a surprise, but the closer we get to the spot the more hesitant she becomes. Once we get within sight of the wharf she stops cold.
"You're not breaking up with me are you?" she asks.
"No," I reply. "Of course not, we're on a romantic walk!"
"Then why are you bringing me to the breakup wharf?" She exclaims, pointing at my wonderful spot.
Put at ease by my confusion she goes on to explain that this is the spot all the local college guys would take their girlfriends when they wanted to break up with them. The seclusion of the area allowed privacy for the crying or screaming that might come of it, and the long walk back gave everyone time to recompose themselves. At this point I realized in horror that I HAD in fact brought two different girls here to break up with them.

Now we occasionally drop by that beautiful spot and laugh at the silly memory, but each time I make sure to tell my girlfriend, (who is now my fiancé) that no, I am not breaking up with her.

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