Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I haven't written anything in a while and as much as I'd like to say I've been busy with work, or helping my fiancé with university or working on my children's story, I can't lie to you. In reality I've been spending every spare moment on a new game… Robocraft.

When I say every spare moment, I mean it. When I'm not playing it, I'm building vehicles in it. When I'm not building vehicles, I'm watching YouTubers for inspiration. When I'm not watching YouTube, I'm trolling the forums.

For god sakes don't play this game! Save yourselves! Get out while you can!

In Robocraft you build an almost Minecraft style vehicle like a tank, car, plane, or anything under the sun, strap guns to it, and kill your friends in the traditional team death match format.

As you play you earn experience and RP. Experience increases the level of your account, unlocking more and more parts for you to use, while RP is used to buy these new parts. A micro transaction system can be used to buy Galaxy Cash, or GC for short to buy up these parts much faster. Or you can use this GC to purchase premium days where you're given double rewards every match while also giving anyone participating an extra 5% reward. A nice little bonus for anyone playing 100% free.

With the inclusion of mech style walking legs my absorption into the game had become complete as I created bot after bot with those parts, trundling my way into battle.

You can find Robocraft online at RobocraftGame.com or in the Steam Store but if you like having free time, relationships, or a proper sleep schedule, keep your distance!

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