Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weight Loss Journey

I've decided to start documenting my weight loss plans for 2016.

Previously I hadn't really taken it seriously. Sure, I went to the gym and everything but I never really committed to losing weight, just growing muscle and looking manly. In my head I thought that growing muscle was just as good since it would help me in the long run and while that isn't a necessarily a lie, I know now that it was a cop out so I wouldn't force myself to commit to the real cardio I truly needed (and hated) to do. Now I'm stopping my muscle focus and switching almost entirely to aerobic.

This isn't just some new years resolution either. I am overweight and need to make some changes in my life if I want to live long enough to retire. It's a serious issue I've danced around for long enough and now I need to fully commit to making a change. My hope is that by documenting the process I will be encouraged (or maybe guilted) into continuing.

Here are the tools I have at my disposal:
The Lose it ap for iPhone. I'm counting my calories being as honest as possible so I can't just splurge and eat an entire cake or something. This should give me a good idea of what I should and shouldn't eat.
The gym at work. In the same vein as doing weights instead of cardio, I also told myself that doing cardio over lunch would cause me to smell bad all day at work. Now I'm not letting that continue and am taking an extra ten minutes out of my lunch so I'll have the time to shower and change. No more excuses!
An irish gal with a temper. My girlfriend has been after me not to eat too much and I've tried to sneak around her to get the food I've wanted. I'm officially asking for her help and want her to give me the tough love I'll need. One thing if you're reading this though, I refuse to give up pizza cold turkey! But I will instead go for an extra walk with you to make up for the splurging <3 br="">
Here's what I've learned:
Oh wow bread buns are bad for calories. 300 for a single little fluff that barely tastes like anything? That's the first thing that needs to go!
I put way too much milk and sugar in my coffee. I didn't realize that with enough of those, my coffee could be as much calories as an entire meal!

Here's to a productive 2016, good luck everyone! #weightlossjourney

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